Gorgeous Skin

Reduce Aging & Wrinkles

Anti-aging and wrinkles can be reduced by using coconut oil. In fact, it is far better than any of the products that are on the shelves today. Most skin creams are water based which get quickly absorbed. Others have a type of vegetable oil, which typically is highly refined to make it smell and feel good, but it has very little effect. Free radicals get broken down with these vegetable oils and actually enhance or speed up the aging process. Coconut oil softens the skin and hydrates for a long period of time. It also, protects the skins from free radical breakdown, keeping your skin healthy.

All Over Body Moisturizer

Coconut oil is by far Mother Nature's best skin moisturizer. With its abundance of Vitamin E, Lauric Acid and antioxidants it will hydrate your entire body. Coconut oil will keep it soft, young and hydrated. The fatty acid molecular chain is log lasting and the replenishment facet is very well balanced. Use coconut oil as you're all over body moisturizer, before bed, after showering, bathing or during the day.

Luxuriant Hair

Hair Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners can strip your hair of its natural oils. Most conditioners don't really replace your natural hair oils; they simply coat the hair shaft, giving you the illusion of healthy hair. Our virgin organic coconut oil is proven to replace and replenish the nutrients that you lose from daily washing, sun and chemicals exposure. It will also strengthen the shaft and hair follicle reducing dry split ends making the hair more flexible and slowing down hair breakage.

Scalp Treatment

Reduce dandruff, stop hair from being brittle and dry with coconut oil. The nutrients and properties remove build up of chemical based shampoos while replenish the skin and hair follicle. Your scalp builds up dead cells due to dryness and that causes the follicle to get blocked and reduces the natural oil flow.

By massaging coconut oil on top of the scalp you will free it of these dead cells and naturally moisten your head and allow for your natural oil.

Sensual Massage

Massage Oil

Another wonderful benefit is using coconut oil as massage oil. With the presence of such a high concentration of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (Saturated Fats) makes it a very stable oil. So, when you massage coconut oil on your skin you not only get a very smooth not too oily glide, but you get a natural all over body moisturizer as well. Another great fact is that your body gets to relax while the Capric and Lauric Acid protect your skin from free radicals, infections and dryness. No other massage oil does this. No parebens, no chemicals, just all natural ingredients.

Personal Sex Lubricant

100% certified virgin organic. No cancer causing glycerin, petroleum or parabens. The fact that is has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties it will prevent urinary tract and yeast Infections. This personal lubricant will not stain bed sheets, clothing or lingerie.

Natures Healing

Eczema & Dry Skin Treatment

With eczema effecting 15 million Americans, this is a problem that we need to work on every day. Coconut oil used daily on eczema can sooth and heal the area naturally. Most of the eczema ointments that we use today contain steroids that are harmful when used on a regular bases. With eczema it never really goes away and that's why you need to switch to a natural product used daily versus a synthetic product that is harmful. Coconut oils natural hydration of Vitamin E and Lauric acid is the key to soothing eczema flare up's.

Healing Effects

Scrapes and bruises are healed with this powerful oil. The properties not only sooth but they protect. Lauric acid is proven to protect and prevent infection. Coconut oil is made up of 50% Lauric acid. Vitamin E and Capric Acid, will help repair the damaged tissue leaving less scar tissue and promoting healthier skin

LaCocoBalm Facts

Organic Coconuts

Our coconuts are USDA certified and strictly regulated. All coconuts are grown and processed under the International Organic Program. Organic farming systems rely on ecologically based practices and exclude all synthetic chemicals.

Hand Picked and Quality Control

Our coconuts are premium handpicked from the finest organic farms. Our Team selects the highest quality coconuts that are grown free of any chemicals. We quality control our selection and process multiple times to ensure the highest quality oil produced.

Virgin Coconut Oil (Non-Copra)

Our coconuts are grown between 12 - 14 months. This allows for the exact balance of the perfect coconut for the balm. We then Wet mill the coconut s and don't use any heat. No drying or Copra is used for our balm. This gentle balance of coconut oil extrapolation produces the perfect Virgin Coconut Oil.

Cold Pressed Process

Our coconut oil is ONLY cold pressed. We do not heat or high volume produce it. This will keep its natural ingredients to the fullest balance. Most coconut oil is over heated and quickly processed. This will not deliver the true benefit this natural product can offer.

Highest Levels of Antioxidants

The right coconut picked at the right time and processed in a slow environment will ensure that you keep the amazing balance that coconut oil offers. This is how we get the best balance and the highest level of antioxidants and natural vitamins in our coconut oil.